Tensions in the Muna family: Barrister Akere Muna persists in his illegal activities


▌Presented as “the family’s executioner”, since he is held responsible for the crises that are weakening the siblings, the international lawyer Barr.

Akere Muna continues to commit fraudulent tactics to sell off the estate and tear the whole family to shreds in defiance of his country’s judicial decisions while their illustrious late father Solomon Tandeng Muna is still awaiting his funerals.

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The Muna family succession is once again dominating the Cameroonian media. The latest episode is the attempt by the man considered to be ‘’the family’s executioner” to force his way in, with the attempt to organise a meeting of the Board of Directors and a joint general meeting of the Daniel Muna Memorial Clinic S.A (DMMC), which were due to be held from Friday 30th June to Saturday 1stJuly 2023 in Yaoundé. Despite the failed convening of the Board of Directors meeting on 13th July 2021, Barr. Akere Muna is far from giving up his methods. Scheduled to take place in Douala from Friday 30th June to Saturday 1st July 2023 in Yaoundé, and then prohibited by a writ of suspension and appointment of an ad hoc agent issued by the Douala-Bonanjo Court of First Instance, Barr. Akere and his accomplices moved to Yaoundé.



Opaque management and side-lining of other shareholders

According to the documents made available to us, the “executioner” set up a strategy to side-line the other shareholders in the management of DMMC S.A, a family business. Following the letter sent to the Divisional Officer of Mfoundi on 29th June 2023 to “request elements of the forces of law and order”, the former President of the Bar and Mrs Eninwi Muna, who claims to be the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of DMMC, convened a meeting of the Board of Directors and a mixed assembly, while unilaterally excluding other shareholders, including Minister Ama Tutu Muna, the former Cameroonian Minister of Arts and Culture.

In addition to the exclusion of these other shareholders who are members of the Muna family, the lack of transparency surrounding the management of the company raises questions about the legitimacy and legality of the decisions taken. For example, “the members of the corporate bodies are appointed by the two aforementioned shareholders, and the opacity of the management is worrying”, could one clearly read on the letter addressed to the Divisional Officer of Mfoundi.



 Attempt at spoliation?

To prevent this spoliation of family assets, which has been orchestrated for over a decade, and to contest the holding of this Board of Directors meeting, the excluded shareholders have applied to the competent Court where the company’s registered office is located to request the appointment of an ad hoc agent with a view to ensuring that, a General Meeting is duly convened to appoint directors who will elect the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Unfortunately, these meetings were banned from being held in Douala. Despite tactics to have the meetings moved to Yaoundé, the deliberations were interrupted by the excluded shareholders on 30th June 2023 at the Tandeng Muna Foundation in Yaoundé.





“The said shareholders must behave in this way in order to prevent the plundering of their common assets by people who are illegally managing the company. There is no question of allowing scoundrels to destroy the famous Muna Clinic, now known as the Daniel Muna Memorial Clinic”, stated the excluded shareholders in their letter to the Divisional Officer of Mfoundi.


 Adept at fraudulent manoeuvres?

“Out with nature, in with nature”, this attempt to describe human nature by the Latin poet Horace, seems to well describe Barr. Akere’s background in a mafia-like plan to take away the family estate. We always come back to our first tendencies, to the essence of our character.

Accused of forgery, some members of the family say they were never aware of the inheritance judgement drawn up by the family after the death of Salomon Tandeng Muna. The case was brought before the Appeal Court of the Yaoundé Administrative Centre, and Barr. Akere Muna was given a “three-year suspended prison sentence” for “concealment of proceedings” and “forgery and use of forgeries” in October 2018.




In addition to the exclusion of certain beneficiaries, the irregularities observed in the convening of the committee’s work are sufficient evidence of the desire of a small group of family members to corner all the assets by excluding the others. A family source confirmed that “Ama Tutu Muna has been a shareholder in the clinic since its founding and her name appeared in the first tax file”.

The same source, which requested anonymity, claimed that the clinic’s documents had been altered and falsified for the benefit of certain family members. “Barr.Akere Muna cleverly changed the name of the clinic, which is now called ”Daniel Muna Memorial Clinic S.A”, widely known as the Bonanjo Polyclinic,” added the source.

Trying to contact him, Barr. Akeré Muna did not wish to respond officially, but referred us to the secretary of the DMMC’s PCA. Finally, she did not allow us to obtain the reaction of her hierarchy in the context of our multiple attempts to check and gather evidences on this particular family crisis. To be continued !!!


Source :  La Voix Des Décideurs  Erik Nganang, Translate  by Jay




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