Recognition: His Majesty Sylvain ESSOA ETOGA honoured in USA


Invited to the United States of America on 12th March by the Black Women Global Leaders, a black women’s NGO that promotes gender equality, freedom and female leadership, the Paramount Chief of the Batchenga received an honorary distinction from American heads and   got an exchange with the Cameroonian diaspora living in the USA.

As the bearer of their grievances, the custodian of the customs and traditions of the Batchenga people is sending a message of peace and unity to the entire Cameroonian people.



Member of the Royal Chamber of WOCOTOMADI Cameroon and board member of the Pan-African Council of Traditional and Customary Authorities of Central Africa (CPATC), an association working in collaboration with the Women Global Leader, His Majesty Sylvain Essoa Etoga represented Cameroon at the General Assembly of the above mentioned organisation in Bill Clinton’s country. The agenda focused not only on the ways to be promoted to change the condition of black women, but also on those aimed at developing black women, as well as the support and collaboration measures desired for possible support from their sisters in the Global Group.


Cultural and symbolic artifacts

During this working session, the custodians of ancestral and traditional sciences spoke about ancient artefacts, medieval objects or relics and their ancestral symbolism. This subject, which was on the agenda, did not escape the attention of the honourable son of Lékié. It gave the Chief of the Batchenga Group the opportunity to display a number of traditional objects from the land and explain their symbolism to the audience.

Other traditional dignitaries from several African countries were also present. They included traditional chiefs from South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Kenya, to name a few. The event ended with the award ceremony from the American heads. The Chief of the Batchenga community was honoured with a gold medal bearing the American colours.


Empowering women

This was the main topic addressed by the Black Women Global Leader, according to the agenda. Among the solutions put forward by the traditional heads were the notions of training and coaching, support, the use of know-how and self-assertion,’ read the minutes. The least we can say is that the Chief of the Batchenga now stands alongside the defenders of noble causes such as the defence of women’s rights, the empowerment of women and the protection of minorities.


A busy agenda

At the request of Cameroonian citizens living in the United States of America, His Majesty the Chief, a native son of Lékié division (Cameroon), nevertheless gave an attentive ear to their grievances. He promised to pass them on to the Head of State. Three main requests were raised: dual nationality, a review of the customs tax, which many Cameroonians believe to be high. Finally, obtaining a visa, which, according to our sources,  is also a veritable headache for the entire Cameroonian diaspora.





Call for peace and unity

At the end of his exchanges with the Cameroonian diaspora, His Majesty never ceases to recognise its merits. He confessed that several grievances had been passed on to him for the better well-being of Cameroonians in the USA.

His Majesty Sylvain Essoa Etoga issued a message of peace to his compatriots and to all Cameroonians: ‘’Cameroon is our common property. You have certainly heard reports that Cameroon is in a bad shape. This is a global phenomenon, and it doesn’t just apply to Cameroon. Cameroon must be built by Cameroonians themselves. If people want change, that change must come through the ballot box’’, he declared, before continuing with this invitation. ‘’Get on the electoral roll. Cameroon has done something for all of us. You are here in the USA and among you there are values, intellectuals. Cameroon needs all these energies to build itself…’’


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