Neat bathing suits for the pregnant mommy


► Since belly-baring is the hottest fashion these days,a la Demi Moore, you might also like to wear some neat bathing suits while you are pregnant.







Swimming is also considered to be a good exercise for pregnant women so selecting a good bathing suit may also become a matter of necessity.


Two piece bathing suits come in several varieties and for a little bit more money, you might be able to purchase a belly baring swimsuit for yourself.

Check if the suit is customized for pregnant women as the bikini bottom piece must have generous amounts of elastic. This allows the bottom piece to hug your belly as it keeps growing in size without really pinching the skin.

A tank top bikini might also look sexy because breasts enlarge considerably during these months.

Avoid using a one piece suit because that always screams the fact that you are expecting. It draws immediate attention to the large belly.





If you are forced to wear a one-piece suit, then tie a sarong to it when you are out of the water. You might also like to attach a swimming skirt to the swimsuit so that it covers the ugly excesses of fat on your upper hips and tummy.

While swimming, the skirt is designed to keep out of the way. You might also consider wearing bathing shorts and a tank top if you are feeling particularly shy. So ahead and keep cool with those minimalist bathing suits.






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