U.S. sets trap for Europe, drags them into Ukrainian crisis: Egyptian expert


An Egyptian expert said the U.S. has double-crossed its European partners and set a trap for them through the Ukrainian crisis.

SOUNDBITE 1 (Arabic): MAHER AZIZ, Energy, environment, and climate change consultant and member of the World Energy Council

“The U.S. has double-crossed its European partners and set a trap for them through the Ukrainian crisis, which drained their (European) resources — both funds and weapons. The U.S. also pushed the Europeans to impose economic sanctions on Russia, but the tables were turned on them in a more bitter way that was reflected in the increase in prices on the European citizens who are currently revolting against the politicians and decision-makers in Europe.

Practicing its intelligence services’ professional skills, the U.S. has planned to drag Europe into this crisis, in order to control its political will and capabilities. We all remember that several European presidents in the past several decades tended to reject the American hegemony, and we mention, for example, from de Gaulle in France until now, there have been presidents who stood against the American hegemony, as they rejected the U.S. control over the will of the European political decision.

What happened in Ukraine wasn’t accidental, but I think it was planned. Usually, there are agencies in the U.S., whose responsibility is to formulate policies and consider all possible scenarios of the impacts of the decisions the U.S. takes. In addition, they can also fully anticipate the results of these decisions. Therefore, the situation regarding this crisis was crystal clear before the U.S. decision-maker, showing the humiliation of the parties that the U.S. wanted to have control over through its tools.”


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